Free training sessions are provided to members of Brisbane Triathlon Club. We also have recommended session providers, which we encourage our club members to attend – preferably regularly, or at least occasionally.

A typical week for our FREE Brisbane Triathlon Club:

  • Monday: Swim – see our recommended providers.
  • Tuesday AM: Run
  • Tuesday PM: Run (Track) – Run session to/ from/ around the UQ Athletics Track (at St Lucia) – from 7pm to 8:15pm.  This session is aimed at helping you run FAST. Typical distance of around 7.5km. Suitable for all abilities.
  • Wednesday: Swim – see our recommended providers.
  • Thursday AM: Ride (45min) – Start times are based on riding to the location, doing the session, then riding back home or work, and being able to avoid traffic. Typically session will start at 5:30am at each designated location, however check calendar for clarification. Locations also all contain car parking options for those who want to drive there. The group part of the session is 45 min of riding with a focus on quality. These are the best way for “Cruisers” to become better riders as you will learn important techniques of descending and group riding.
  • Thursday AM (alternative): Run – PCGR Run starting at 5:25am from The Ship Inn, Cnr Stanley Street & Sidon Street, South Brisbane and finishes at 6:30am. The session is coached by Pat Carroll.  Suitable for all abilities.  You must wear your BTC running singlet or t-shirt for the session to be free.
  • Friday AM: Ride – TFI Friday leaving at 5:15am from Musgrave Park Swimming Pool at South Brisbane. The route is typically the ‘river loop’ (about 1.5 hours). This is social-paced ride, suitable for a wide range of abilities, with brekky afterwards.
  • Saturday AM: Ride – Saturday rides are generally of three hours duration in summer, and up to four hours in winter. Our rides will alternate on a weekly basis through a set number of routes that take in the north, east, south and west sides of Brisbane. Starting at 5:15am from My Sweetopia in South Bank or 5:15am from Evolve Cafe in Teneriffe.
  • Sunday AM: Run – Long steady run, “out and back” course as organised along the river. Starting from Streets Beach in South Bank at 6:00am.
  • Sunday PM: Run – Long steady run, out and back course as organised along the river. 4:30pm from Powerhouse in New Farm (or as notified). Aim is to start as a group then gradually increase the pace to your “float” pace. The group will separate and turn back around at 35-40 minutes for a total run time of around 70 minutes.

Please check out calendar for more specifics details.

The day and time of these sessions vary, so please check out the club calendar – or check your weekly newsletter (please subscribe from the bottom of the page). Most sessions start and finish at either West End or South Bank.

All club sessions are:

  • Free. You don’t have to be a club member to enjoy a few introductory sessions (or more), but we do require you to be a Triathlon Australia member.
  • Suitable for most levels of experience and ability, although attendees are encouraged to check with the club if they are concerned about being able to ‘keep up’.
  • Facilitated by ‘session facilitators’ – club members who are provided by the club to assist other session attendees.

Basic Weekly Plan